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Reiki: Intro to Reiki for Beginners

Reiki, in simple terms, is universal life energy directed in the form of energy healing. It is not a religion. It does not require the practitioner to adhere to any particular system of beliefs. It is not black magic. It cannot be used to harm, only to help. It requires consent, but can be sent from a distance or in person. It does not require touch, but can involve touch. Reiki has it’s own ‘intelligence’- it goes where it is needed, and does not require sophisticated medical knowledge from the practitioner. 

It is not uncommon to have moments in life where we become aware that we are imbalanced, but the cause of the imbalance isn’t exactly clear. Sometimes we self-medicate with a host of things that distract from the imbalance, but don’t address it’s cause: OTCs, alcohol, recreational drugs, or sex. 

Reiki is a form of self-healing that is effective, easily available, and as frequently applied as you have the willingness to give yourself. It requires no materials – just you. And yes, it’s incredible effective. To give an idea- I was in labor for over 36 hours with my son with no pain medication whatsoever and gave birth naturally. I managed with Reiki and self-hypnosis mantras. No, I am not a glutton for punishment. Reiki is incredibly powerful

Sometimes Reiki finds people (or they find Reiki) when they are feeling helpless or powerless to address a mental, emotional, or physical situation. Reiki taps into universal energy (above and beyond what naturally flows within your body), making you channel to take and/or send what you need wherever it needs to go.

Reiki can be used to manage and reduce mental or emotional distress, physical pain, or even chronic illness or conditions. I’ve used Reiki to lower my blood pressure while very pregnant (to the surprise of my midwife who warned me that she would induce me if I didn’t lower it immediately.) I’ve used it to help soothe my family in moments of distress. I’ve sent it to those that were in their final stages of cancer to ease their discomfort. Reiki isn’t a instant cureall in the sense that suddenly it will eliminate all disorders or conditions, but it can absolutely improve outcomes in a host of circumstances. And like I mentioned before- you can’t hurt anyone with it. It never hurts to send Reiki to someone, especially to yourself. 


IvyDruidess is an intuitive energy healer, Reiki Master, educator, and mother of two. She started this journey of empathic visions and healing work from the time she was a child and discovered several tools and approaches along the way. Empath Reiki is her online resource to other healers, intuitives, empaths, and those seeking to grow in their understanding of energy work and natural healing.

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